High DA/PA Free PDF Submission Sites List in 2023


PDF submission is an effective SEO strategy to increase online visibility and drive traffic to your website. High Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) PDF submission sites can significantly boost the chances of your PDF files ranking higher in search engine results. Below is a list of some high DA/PA Free PDF submission sites List that can help you amplify your SEO efforts:

SlideShare (DA 95, PA 85) – One of the most popular platforms for sharing presentations and PDFs. It’s owned by LinkedIn and has a massive user base.

Issuu (DA 94, PA 82) – A digital publishing platform that allows users to share and discover content, including PDFs.

Scribd (DA 93, PA 79) – An online platform for publishing and sharing various documents, including PDFs.

Calameo (DA 92, PA 71) – A digital publishing platform that lets you convert PDFs into interactive publications.

Lulu (DA 88, PA 69) – A self-publishing platform where you can share your eBooks, including PDFs.

MediaFire (DA 87, PA 73) – A file-sharing platform that supports PDF uploads.

4shared (DA 84, PA 66) – Another file-sharing platform that accepts PDF documents.

AuthorStream (DA 83, PA 59) – A platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations that also allows PDF uploads.

Wattpad (DA 82, PA 63) – A platform for sharing eBooks and stories, mainly focusing on fictional content.

Free-eBooks (DA 81, PA 65) – Offers a vast collection of eBooks across different genres, where you can share your PDFs.

Yumpu (DA 79, PA 61) – A digital publishing platform that allows you to create interactive PDF flipbooks.

Edocr (DA 76, PA 55) – A document sharing platform where you can submit your PDFs for free.

Tradebit (DA 72, PA 58) – A platform used for buying and selling digital products, where you can share your PDFs.

DocDroid (DA 69, PA 54) – A simple document sharing platform that supports PDF uploads.

SlideServe (DA 63, PA 49) – A platform focused on sharing presentations, but it also accepts PDFs.

High DA/PA Free PDF Submission Sites List in 2023

Sr.No. SiteName DA PA Moz Rank
1 slideshare.net 96 96 7.02
2 issuu.com 94 84 6.27
3 scribd.com 93 94 6.88
4 calameo.com 91 91 7.02
5 lulu.com 90 92 7.18
6 mediafire.com 89 91 6.7
7 box.com 87 90 6.4
8 smashwords.com 86 89 6.51
9 4shared.com 85 88 6.11
10 zoho.com 85 87 6.52
11 rapidshare.com 83 77 6.16
12 sendspace.com 82 85 6.3
13 box.net 81 84 5.87
14 wattpad.com 81 84 6.49
15 docstoc.com 77 81 5.87
16 gamefront.com 77 79 6.87
17 yudu.com 75 72 6.88
18 keepandshare.com 74 77 6.15
19 letitbit.net 73 53 4.56
20 depositfiles.com 72 58 5.58
21 feedbooks.com 72 77 6.02
22 authorstream.com 72 77 6.49
23 manybooks.net 70 67 5.73
24 sliderocket.com 70 75 6.27
25 mininova.org 68 73 5.86
26 filefactory.com 68 73 5.88
27 free-ebooks.net 68 73 6.22
28 en.pdf24.org 67 33 2.71
29 thinkfree.com 67 72 6.13
30 zshare.net 67 73 5.68
31 esnips.com 66 72 5.49
32 hotfile.com 66 60 4.83
33 divshare.com 66 72 5.76
34 isohunt.com 65 64 5.52
35 rapidshare.de 64 66 6
36 fileden.com 64 70 5.66
37 slideboom.com 62 68 6.49
38 datafilehost.com 62 69 6.71
39 officelive.com 61 66 5.45
40 edocr.com 61 67 5.69
41 2shared.com 60 66 6.26
42 speedyshare.com 60 67 5.52
43 tizag.com 59 65 5.59
44 ziddu.com 59 66 5.67
45 uploading.com 58 63 5.29
46 ioffer.com 58 65 5.94
47 badongo.com 58 65 5.4
48 memoware.com 58 63 5.65
49 freepdfhosting.com 57 39 3.5
50 uploaded.to 56 54 4.63
51 filestube.com 55 63 5.2
52 easy-share.com 55 62 5
53 crocko.com 55 62 6.56
54 libraryelf.com 55 63 6.02
55 slideserve.com 54 61 6.03
56 huddle.net 53 60 5.18
57 freecomputerbooks.com 52 52 5.6
58 senduit.com 52 60 6.07
59 gigasize.com 51 60 6.17
60 e-library.net 51 52 5
61 mirrorcreator.com 50 58 6.04
62 yourfilelink.com 49 57 6.66
63 turboupload.com 49 58 5.45
64 powershow.com 49 58 6.06
65 ifile.it 48 50 4.09
66 wikiupload.com 48 57 6.05
67 pdfcast.org 47 45 3.38
68 torrentportal.com 45 53 5.32
69 examcollection.com 45 51 5.73
70 megafileupload.com 44 53 5.81
71 files.com 44 53 5.59
72 myplick.com 43 50 4.65
73 fliiby.com 43 51 4.18

Advantages of Free PDF Submission Sites List

PDF submission sites offer several advantages for individuals and businesses looking to improve their online presence and SEO efforts. Here are some of the key advantages of using PDF submission sites:

Backlink Generation: Submitting PDFs to high-quality and relevant sites allows you to create valuable backlinks to your website. These backlinks can enhance your website’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines, ultimately leading to improved search engine rankings.

Increased Visibility and Reach: PDF submission sites often have a large user base and a significant online presence. By sharing your PDFs on these platforms, you can reach a wider audience, attracting potential customers or readers who might not have discovered your content otherwise.

Diversification of Content: PDFs offer a versatile format for presenting information. By creating informative and engaging PDFs, you can diversify your content marketing strategy and appeal to different types of audiences.

Brand Awareness: Sharing PDFs on reputable platforms can increase brand awareness. When users come across your content on these sites and find it valuable, they are more likely to remember your brand and seek out your website for further information.

Lead Generation: If your PDFs contain valuable and relevant content, they can serve as lead magnets, attracting potential customers to your website. You can include calls-to-action and contact information in the PDF to encourage readers to take the next step.

Improved SEO Ranking: As PDF submission sites usually have high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA), backlinks from these sites can positively impact your website’s SEO ranking. Search engines often consider these authoritative backlinks as a signal of your website’s quality.

Content Syndication: Many PDF submission sites have partnerships with other websites and directories. Your uploaded PDFs may get syndicated and appear on multiple platforms, further increasing their reach and visibility.

Enhanced User Engagement: PDFs can present information in an organized and visually appealing manner. This can lead to increased user engagement, as readers find it convenient to navigate through the document, potentially spending more time on your website.

Cost-Effective Marketing: PDF submission sites typically offer free or affordable options for sharing your content. This makes it a cost-effective marketing strategy, especially for businesses with limited budgets.

Long-Term Value: Unlike some other forms of content that may become less relevant over time, well-crafted PDFs can retain their value for an extended period. As long as the information remains useful, your PDFs can continue to attract traffic and generate leads.

In conclusion, leveraging PDF submission sites can be a valuable addition to your overall content marketing and SEO strategy. By creating high-quality PDFs and sharing them on reputable platforms, you can drive more traffic to your website, build brand authority, and increase your online visibility, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of your business or online presence.

FAQs on Free PDF Submission Sites List in India

What are PDF submission sites, and how do they work?

PDF submission sites are online platforms where users can upload and share their PDF documents with a broader audience. These sites work as repositories for various types of PDF content, making it accessible to users searching for specific information or topics.

Are PDF submission sites popular in India?

Yes, PDF submission sites are quite popular in India, as they offer a convenient way for individuals and businesses to share valuable information, presentations, reports, and other content with a vast online audience.

How can PDF submission sites benefit me or my business in India?

PDF submission sites can provide several benefits in India, such as improving your website’s SEO by generating valuable backlinks, increasing your brand’s visibility and reach, and attracting potential customers or clients through valuable content sharing.

Are there any specific Indian PDF submission sites?

Yes, there are several PDF submission sites that are based in India or have a significant user base in the country. Some of these sites cater specifically to Indian audiences and can help you target a local audience effectively.

Do Indian PDF submission sites have any language preferences?

Some Indian PDF submission sites may have language preferences or primarily focus on specific regional languages. However, many of these sites accept content in English as well, as it has widespread usage in India.

Is it essential to optimize my PDFs before submission?

Yes, it’s essential to optimize your PDFs before submission to ensure they are easily discoverable and user-friendly. Add relevant keywords to the title and description, include internal links to your website or related content, and use proper formatting for a better user experience.

Can I use PDF submission sites to promote my products or services in India?

Yes, you can use PDF submission sites to promote your products or services in India. However, it’s essential to focus on providing valuable and informative content that resonates with your target audience rather than using overtly promotional material.

Are PDF submission sites free to use in India?

Many PDF submission sites offer free submission options, allowing users to upload and share their content without any cost. However, some sites may also have premium features or packages that come with additional benefits.

Can I track the performance of my PDFs on these sites?

Some PDF submission sites may provide analytics and tracking features that allow you to monitor the performance of your uploaded PDFs. You can track metrics such as views, downloads, and shares to gauge the success of your content.

Are there any guidelines or restrictions for content submission on Indian PDF sharing sites?

Yes, different PDF submission sites may have specific guidelines and restrictions regarding the type of content they accept. It’s crucial to review the terms of service and content guidelines of each platform before submitting your PDFs to avoid any issues.

By leveraging PDF submission sites in India effectively, you can enhance your online presence, engage with a broader audience, and drive valuable traffic to your website or business.

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