How to Rank on Google Page #1 Fast (in-depth Case Study)


How to Rank on Google Page #1 FAST (In-Depth Case Study):

You will relate to the fact that you have spent a significant amount of time and put in the maximum effort into looking for the best practices out there to get a project ranking. The best E-Commerce case study of 2021 and the perfect strategy for its success.

This is case study is being given to you how to Let’s Goo Social, Delhi’s #1 digital marketing company are able to increase revenue with the help of a solid custom-built SEO strategy for one of our E-commerce clients who operate in the smartphones, fashion like clothes, shoes or slippers, etc., electronic items.

I would like to introduce you to a whole range of new ideas and strategies you can implement in your next campaign. This will help to improve and expand your knowledge or SEO strategy when it comes to E-commerce. They will serve customers better with their tips and tricks.

India’s e-commerce order volume increased by 46% in the last quarter of 2020, with the personal care, beauty & wellness (PCB&W) segment being the largest beneficiary. E-commerce in India is at an all-time high in 2021 owing to the country’s 780 million internet users of May 2021.

Due to COVID-19, despite depressed consumer spending, economic slowdown, and uncertainty, e-commerce players are expecting strong sales growth in 2021. Social e-commerce, e-pharmacy, and online grocery are expected to see a bulk of the action in 2021.

Now, the fastest-growing e-commerce market in the world. The Indian e-commerce market is estimated to be worth over $55bn in Gross Merchandise Value in 2021. The Online retail market is estimated to be 30% of the total organized retail market and is expected to reach 40% by 2030.

In 2021, our first strategy to improving SEO was to get a few things in place. We first check with the content, technical stability, and on-site optimization, improve UX and do a thorough check on backlinks.

Our Step-to-step approach help our e-commerce client’s traffic by 6 times and doubled the sales in 2 months.


Company Name:

Mobitech India Pvt Ltd


E-commerce mobile sector


Mobitech India Pvt Ltd is situated in Bangalore & Delhi which deals in one plus mobile phone and LED TV who have retail and e-store. They provide the best product and services for their quality and quantity of goods very good in a market.

Our Challenge:

Though this client was a brand with a presence across all over India, they did not have a digital presence as such and SEO was their top priority when it came to digital marketing.

E-commerce EAT (Expertise, Authority & Trust) and Procuring Backlinks:

A brand wants to establish itself and has a high-quality website like Mobitech India Pvt Ltd; the marketer’s approach should be focused on long-term growth. It is to create good and quality content that’ll give you backlinks naturally. Giving out the feeling and showing the transparency of a strong brand presence will help in gaining trust i.e. domain authority.

Google changes continuously its algorithms, we had to optimize and heed that accordingly every step too.

Step by Step Procedure of the Road to Success – an E-commerce Seo Case Study of 2020:



1. Give the audience an unbelievable E-commerce user experience.

The client had developed a new website (6-months old) with an exact match Domain for the targeted E-commerce website. We had to work on making the website stand out and improving it to look as professional as possible. Identify and determine the places where the user experience can be made better and easier. The idea was to help the online user easily shop on the e-commerce website.

Visual Optimization: –

Visual Optimization was done to match the website to the brand colors, size, quality, and quantity of the website page and give them a 360-degree experience. They have to adjust the placement of the images, checking the scale of each product and page to improve the user experience and in turn increase conversion.

Mobile Optimization: –

We cannot ignore optimizing for mobile today as more than half of the internet users use their mobiles for literally everything. Local and mobile optimization is important for business today. “20% of users will skip to a different search result it is not mobile-friendly.” We had to make sure that the website was optimized for mobile for the online user to have a pleasant shopping experience.

98% of users think adding a phone number is most important for our website pages. For the E-commerce Company, apart from the contact information, we added a live chat to solve the customer queries instantly. We did these few points which are applicable to any website, so please do try on yours also for better response and to aid in conversions.

  • Make email addresses clickable.
  • Make phone numbers clickable.
  • Increase font size wherever possible for users to read clearly.
  • We also added a WhatsApp icon, live chat for faster sales closure on the website.

Click here: Is your web page mobile-friendly?

2. On-Page Optimization of the website: –

Product, category, and sub-category analysis were done for each and every page on the website. We analyzed the keyword ranking for each page and optimized it accordingly to rank higher on the Google search. We are looked at common backlinks, did competitors analysis, check page titles and H1 tags for exact or partial match.

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3. Technical optimization by stepwise auditing: –

The main reason for success in an E-commerce website or any online website lies in its technical auditing. The website might be several experiences in technical problems which need to be identified and resolved. There have some important play comes in technical auditing:-

  • Google Index Management

It includes adding an XML sitemap to robot txt, removing any duplication, managing index bloat, and removing any traces of the previous website from Google index.

  • URL parameters and HTTP pages

It will lead to bloat in the indexing and needs to be optimized for too many searches on the website. Everyone needs to specify the different URL parameters to Google Search Console. They are the ones whose values are dynamically in a particular page’s URL.

4. Building Internal Links to Existing Content: –

The above steps will help to get closer to your SEO success already. The next step is to look or build for internal linking opportunities. We innovate or launched the new product and update our website or write blogs on the website to improve the relevance and create high-quality internal links of the product and category pages.

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5. Building a solid content strategy: –

We focused on content that was understandable, algorithm friendly, and optimized perfectly. It includes videos, attractive creatives, and other important product or services highlights. We made user queries were answered directly through our content. Until the last steps of the marketing journey is most important and always keep in mind the marketing funnel while creating content.

6. Link Building Strategy for an E-commerce Website: 

We removed and checked all the low-quality keywords that were of no use to our ranking on the website. We review the backlinks of our competitors and tried to understand their link-building strategy. We built a good backlink profile by using anchor texts from different mediums to the high-quality domain. We pushed to gain backlinks from local publishers helping us with local citations.

The Overall Conclusion of the best SEO case study of 2020 that how to rank on google #1 page: –

  • SEO ranking in the E-commerce sector and the results don’t happen overnight.
  • It takes more time, more effort, and high exceptional strategy to make your mark.
  • This SEO case study of 2020 is one such example of what relentless effort can bring you.
  • We have brought just how important creating backlinks and building high-quality content is for a business.
  • Increase your chance of ranking better in any business with the use of keywords.
  • Do a thorough technical SEO analysis, optimization and create a fantastic user for overall success.

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