Post Covid-19: The Future of Marketing is Digital


Everyday life before 2020 seems obscure today and almost everything as we knew it changed overnight. For brands, the initial reaction was anxiety and despair. Most marketers wanted to stop spending on advertising but as some brands would go on to prove, the internet will reorganize marketing as we knew it in the post-pandemic era.

  • Brands have switched from offline to online marketing during the Covid-19 pandemic and they have to set out fetching with an audience online and discern the true potential of digital marketing.
  • The scope of digital marketing has broadened and marketers will reach out to customers through multiple platforms such as social media, websites, ads, Paid, virtual events, Influencers, Games, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR).
  • Although demand for digital marketing will increase, there is a sizeable lack of professionals and it is time to get equipped with the essential skills for a flourishing career in digital marketing.

Our generation had never before the experienced disruption of life and technology this way. Covid-19 made us actually aware of the difference between things we needed to survive and those we don’t. But the pandemic also brought new perspectives and unique opportunities with effect in lockdowns, businesses were mounting up losses each day and thought they had no way out. They quickly cut down advertising budgets to save money but some brands saw this as an opportunity to leap into action and use advertising as a tool to provide value for customers so they did this through digital marketing.

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From Offline to Online



If you are reading this then you are already taking a step to a new beginning by creating an online business:-

  • Find a niche

The first step you need to take is to analyze the market and you may be selling different types of products or services but the trick is to identify what your online market really needs and starts with your circle or observe what your friends and family on social media usually look for but cannot find, conduct search analysis and find a demand that you can fill. You could visit other e-commerce websites, online discussion forums, and even talk to sort locals to figure out your niche.

  • Brand it

When we talk about branding at the start of a business, we have a different perspective on working on brand identity. Our process begins with an effective copy and campaign focused on your niche based on what would be your customer’s perspective.

  • Online real estate

You have to figure out this one as it works the same way in the real world and it is now time to claim your digital space. Once you decide on the brand identity, it is time to buy a domain and hosting or create a website that focuses on a simple or effective user experience.

  • Get friendly with the search engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a continuous and long-term process that involves both on-page and off-page efforts to help be found easily when a consumer enters a relevant search query for an e-commerce website. We suggest that advertising in addition to efforts towards organic results and Google AdWords with pay-per-click ads will propel your ads to show up on search results above organic searches for relevant (highest rankings) keywords.

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Why did brands switch?



It is a term in which your customers change brands and it’s an easy concept to understand but preventing it from happening to your customers is an entirely different matter. If you want to succeed in the business world then brand switching is an essential concept that you should take seriously and widely known that acquiring new customers is generally more expensive than spending to keep old ones. If you know how to keep your customers then you have a higher chance of lowering your cost while maintaining or increasing profits.

You will learn about the top three reasons why customers switch brands are:-

  1. Mismatch Between Price and Value

One of the first things that you should realize is that consumers will always have a brand affinity (it is the consumer’s love for a specific brand). Keep in mind that every consumer will have a different level of affection for a brand. There are people out there that will pay reasonable amounts of money so that they can get their hands on their preferred brands.

  1. Customer Service is Non-Satisfactory

If there is one thing that will cause a sudden change in brand awareness then it is customer service, in most cases, a poorly handled case will cause a customer not only to dislike your brand but even hate it to the point that they will tell everyone about it. You should have a system in place that will respond to a customer as soon as possible, the quick response system doesn’t mean that the problem should be solved right then and there or a system that will notify the customer that their concern is being received in usually enough. Another important thing you can do is to place the right people to feel customer service like a people-person. The last thing you want is a person who is unsociable handling customer service and irritated customers talking to a person with no ‘people skills’ is a recipe for disaster.

  1. Wrapping It All Up

It is a vast subject and you can write an entire book about it if you want to ensure the long-term success of your business and now you can start with a few of the most important reasons for brand switching like a mismatch between price and value, poor customer service and brand fatigue.

Trends in Digital Marketing Post-Covid19



Coming out of the pandemic situation, customers will have different expectations that brands will have to be mindful and these are some key points of post-pandemic trends:-

  • Content delivery will be based on the need or value provided.
  • Constant inspection of changing consumer behavior will be first and foremost.
  • The consumer will remember and trust brands who were there for them during the tough times or staying connected is important.
  • Innovation in business processes is more censorious now than ever before.
  • Brands will have to establish multichannel marketing strategies.
  • Social media accounts and websites will most likely be the primary points for brands.

Scope of Digital Marketing Post Covid-19



A multi-channel in digital marketing strategy will be of the leading importance in the post-pandemic era and brands will reach out to customers through multiple platforms such as social media, websites, influencers, paid ads, virtual events, games, etc.

  1. Social Media: – it will be the principal facilitator of digital marketing in social media and help brands reach millions of customers.
  2. Organic & Paid Search: – it will drive traffic to websites or SEO will be one of the most important digital marketing strategies post-covid19.
  3. Email Marketing: – it will once again gain among customers and brands will reach out with offers, discounts, and information to stay connected.
  4. Video Marketing: – it will be the most effective way to engage with customers and viewing content is preferred over reading due to short attention spans.
  5. Data analytics & cloud technology: – it will enable that marketers to make informed decisions and adopt customized digital marketing strategies.
  6. Artificial Intelligence: – it will find extensive usage to solve problems provide entertainment and get queries answered.
  7. Augmented & Virtual Reality: – it will be employed for a more thoughtful and safer buying experience.

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Covid19 has changed the customer expectations and they don’t want to see marketers convincing them to purchase something that doesn’t offer value or brands are understanding this and incorporating the sentiment in the digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing has taken a bite and realizing the potential it has in store, brands will continue investing in a tech ecosystem to keep the impetus moving or the future is a technology and now it is the right time to become a part of this digital onset in marketing.

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