10 Tips in Wix SEO to Improve Your Website Performance


Wix has seen some tremendous improvements to the platform’s SEO capabilities in recent years and it has come a long way in a short space for time. For businesses who are just getting started or don’t have the budget to engage a professional web designer and developer or Wix is a great way to get online for the first time.

What is Wix?

It is a popular website builder that hosts more than 170 million websites and is loved by small businesses because of its low cost (you can even set up a Wix site for free) and easy to use drag-or-drop interface. It is great for small businesses and startups who are looking to venture onto the web for the first time and want to build their website themselves.

It is a drag-or-drop website builder ahead of anything else and serves the purpose of helping small businesses to have a web presence or but Wix doesn’t try to be anything else and the market serves it’s a solid platform and a great option for many.

Is Wix Good for SEO?

Wix has come under fire a number of times from the SEO industry and sometimes is specified as being a difficult platform that won’t rank on Google. A lot of this criticism comes from the detail that the platform used to have serious SEO issues including:-

  • A deficient URL structure that was developed around each page being defined by a #.
  • No able to add ALT tags to images.
  • No possibility to add structured data markup.
  • No capability to optimize title tags and Meta descriptions for blog posts.

These are by no means all of the prior SEO issues that Wix has had, but none of these problems exist anymore. However, the platform still sustains reputationally because of these past issues. He has made huge improvements to its platform from an SEO viewpoint in past years and if you are a small business that is starting up a relatively small site then you should not struggle to rank just because you are using Wix. The platform allows you to carry out basic on-page SEO but that is only the start of a successful SEO strategy.

The Pros and Cons of Wix for SEO

You don’t have to look far to find both haters and supporters of Wix but much of the criticism comes from those who used the platform in the past when it potentially was a lot less search engine friendly than it is today. Some steps back in the last few years and there were fundamental SEO issues with the platform that a site would struggle to rank and it is this legacy status that Wix still carries with it in some circles.

The Pros

When it comes to the pros of using Wix, these are largely related to the fact that the platform allows small businesses to rapidly build their own website and launch their web presence. The Pros of using Wix include:-

  • Wix SEO Wix
  • There is no coding needed
  • Easy integration to Google search console and analytics

The Cons

Wix doesn’t try to be an advanced CMS, it means that there are a number of downsides to using the platform from an SEO perspective. The Cons of using Wix include:-

  • Advanced SEO is impossible
  • No AMP support

10 Best Practices for Wix SEO

If you have done any research so you know that Wix SEO gets a false accusation but that should not be the case anymore. Wix has worked to upgrade SEO and offers ideas to website owners who want to work on this aspect of website promotion and the platform includes SEO tools which I describe below.

1. Boost your Google Ranking with Wix SEO Wiz



It is one of the best website builders in the market and they offer a complete range of the best features that come at competitive rates. If you are looking for a new website where you can enjoy the benefit of having everything done by professionals who excel in this field, Wix is just the perfect choice.

If you are a business owner that is thinking about opening a site with Wix so you can look forward to using some important features which I personally loved:

  • You can get a mobile version of your website with just a click and it will look really amazing.
  • It offers powerful Apps for your website helping you promote and grow it’s very easy.
  • If you have a video background of the website instead of a plain image and you can give your customers an amazing impression by adding texted strips, anchor menu, 3d parallel effects, and Pinto screen options.
  • You can have private/preserved pages that can be viewed by you only or specific members of your team.

2. Use Longtail Keywords



A longtail keywords strategy can really help you out when there is a lot of competition in the market or a lot of competition for the main keywords that you want to rank for it.

Longtail keywords are more specific and less common than other keywords with low search volume that uses longer phrases. Even if all the blog posts you write are about homemade Italian food, instead you write a whole number of blog posts about all kinds of long-tail forms of your main keywords.

Your blog posts could even be the more long-tail and you could write about homemade Italian spaghetti, homemade Italian lasagna, Italian spaghetti carbonara, and so on. You will notice all of these longtail keywords when you do proper keyword research.

3. Make It Mobile-Friendly



A mobile-friendly (responsive) website is accessible from any device and it creates a website simply to use regardless of how a visitor is accessing a page. Responsiveness is essential because Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking feature and more people are using a mobile device.

How do you make your website more mobile-friendly?

Some steps you make your website more mobile-friendly:-

  • Pay attention to font size and button size
  • Do not make a second website for mobile.
  • Make sure your content is available on all mobile devices and platforms.
  • Use responsive design.
  • Use high-resolution images.
  • Utilize YouTube videos.
  • Ensure your site is well developed.

4. Boost Your Local SEO



Local SEO is a form of internet marketing to rank extremely high in search engine results for keywords relevant to a physical location. For example, using a local SEO is especially valuable for small businesses and physical storefronts such as restaurants, cloth or footwear, and beauty salons. Local SEO includes two categories as on-site and off-site SEO. It is not difficult to enhance your site’s local SEO, one way to improve your site’s ranking is by using geographic keywords in the title of your page and the content.

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5. Create a Sitemap



Sitemaps are most important to create for any website because they allow the user to know what to expect when they visit and give the webmaster a way to see how to interact with their sites. A sitemap provides navigation for visitors which is essential considering how many visitors stay on your site day by day.

Sitemaps are integral for the two main reasons:

  • They allow you to see your website’s structure and design at a glance.
  • They help search engines index your site more growth.

6. Use Wix SEO Tools



Wix SEO is about more than the following a plan and it gives you sufficient other tools to improve your rankings in an SEO including:-

  • Analytics research has to make sure you are on the right track.
  • A professional-looking blog for posting high-quality content and boost in organic traffic.
  • A solid infrastructure to support organic search.
  • Customization of slugs. Meta tags and structured data.

7. Set up Google Search Console and Analytics



Google search is the most powerful SEO tool out there. But why is it important? It is important to search console helps you monitor, maintain and optimize your website’s organic search presence or most primarily use GSC to view clicks and impressions. For example, it can:

  • Find search queries that drive traffic
  • Find how well all your pages rank
  • Identify and support backlinks to boost link juice
  • Add sitemaps
  • Locate errors that needed fixing
  • Make sure your site is more mobile-friendly
  • Monitor your core web vitals
  • Show if your site has been hacked.
  • Domain: – the name of your website without HTTPS or www.
  • URL Prefix: – the protocol that appears before your domain, for example, HTTP:// or HTTPS://

Click the signup button to create a Google Analytics account, you will get the Google Analytics Tracking code, once you follow the below steps: –

  • After you click the signup button, click further or choose a property name and URL followed by your industry and time zone.
  • I recommend deselecting all data sharing options if you are not fully on top of your privacy policy.
  • You receive your Google Analytics tracking ID and you will receive the code extract to put into the source code of all of your pages.

8. Optimize your Wix SEO Throughout the Site



To optimize your Wix SEO look beyond the targeted keywords and there are many other areas you can work on-site including: –

  • Organizing the navigation menu using SEO-friendly URLs
  • Optimizing content by choosing suitable topics that will interest readers
  • Optimizing design by making sure it is stable with your product.

9. Keep Posting Content for Wix SEO



It is important to post quality content on your blog or site to boost the organic traffic in your website and you can use these posts to create backlinks which will also aid you to rank higher in the search engines. However, the importance of posting regular quality content on your blog or site is not just about getting organic traffic or backlinks and it is also about building your search results for readers who find your site via Google Search or Yahoo.

10. Add Links



Google values both the internal and external links as they give context and meaning thus improving the quality of search results for readers who find your site via Google search. Internal links are the links that point to pages on the same website, External links are the links that point to other websites and they are equally important.

You can add a line of code within the webpage’s HTML tag at the top of the web page code so they have an internal link directly from their home page. External links are a great way to bring value from your site, you can get external links from different sources such as: –

  • Guest blogging
  • Content syndication
  • Networking events
  • Press releases
  • Email outreach to influencers within your niche industry.

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Wix SEO Conclusions

Wix SEO is an all-in-one website builder and hosting service, it is a convenient and user-friendly platform that can help you build and host your website easily. It also provides Wix SEO guidelines to make sure your website ranks well on the search engines, it is an essential aspect of the Wix SEO platform.

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