SEO Best Practices: 10 Golden Rules of Internal Linking

Internal links are very powerful ranking factors. It can pass the link juice and tell Google which pages are more important. Internal links contribute to a better users experience, a higher conversion rate, and more efficient website crawling. It is a reasonable way to improve your rankings and the performance of your website in general.

What are internal links?



It leads to a page on the same website, as opposed to internal links, which leads to a page on a different website. Internal links are used for navigation, but there are also some ways to use internal links for search optimization purposes.

Its serves as a ranking signal to Google based on the concept of link equity or ranking power. Two decades ago, Google had developed a special Page Rank algorithm to calculate how authoritative pages are. If the page has a large number of outgoing links, its PageRank is diluted.

Why are Internal Links Important for SEO?



It’s one of the methods site owners can use to tell Google that a particular page of content. In the market, there are so many SEO service provider who gives our best ways to implement our goals and efficiency of the page to rank in Google first but our company has to do help in any way how to rank in Google first.

These are the main reasons:-

  1. It provides your audience with further reading options: – For example, if you are writing about your product or services from so many social sites, and we have written a great post for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or so many sites, etc. link for it.
  2. It can help to promote events and other paid services: – we have a great speaker on covering that topic at an upcoming event, that’s an important opportunity to promote them. And market so many SEO company near me but I will not worry about them because I provide the best SEO service.
  3. It helps Google to crawl the site: – as well as in category and tag pages, help Google to index more efficiently.

What is Link Juice?

Link juice refers to the value being passed from one site to another site through hyperlinks. Google considers links as votes by other websites that approve the value and authenticity of your websites.

Benefits of Internal Links



Internal links help to establishing the site architecture and spreading link juice. Internal links best practices we are the beneficial:-

  1. A proper internal linking strategy, help users navigate a website easily. You can redirect users to relevant web pages that they had likely enjoyed exploring. When SEO service provider has found the content in this linked web pages is related, they tend to stay longer for your website, which increases your page views. New SEO service providers will be able to discover the topics of interest, and you can see an improvement in the conversion rate consequently.
  2. High PageRank can benefit by spreading link juice is related to web pages through internal linking best practices. It will see an improvement in the authority and boost in ranking due to the link juice received.
  3. When people did not find the content engaging, they tend to leave the site midway without reading the entire process and the bounce rate can be reduced to a great extent.
  4. They will follow all the links and pages, which are easily indexed, but if you can build a proper internal architecture, these links can help improve the rankings of such pages and give an overall boost to the website rankings.

Best Internal Linking Practices You Can Follow in 2021



Now you know about the importance and benefits of internal linking best practices to the SEO service providers for any website, you can follow to build for internal linking activities on your website.

1. Create Lots of Content

You will have ample internal linking opportunities to utilize, and you do not have to worry about complex layers of content or building a good internal linking structure of your website. And so many SEO company near to me, it is doing our efforts to do create good content and compete with my companies but my company has to create a new lot of content to do our services best-in-market traffic.

2. Link High Authority Pages For improved Rankings

It is an important and effective method to distribute link authority to the most critical SEO service providers to rank on our website. You can use effective tools to find such pages and add internal links to those pages.

3. Use Anchor Text That You Want to Rank

The content keeps up the theme of internal linking, when it comes to images, you should do it with the help of anchor texts instead of linking images. It uses natural and un-optimized sentence fragments to avoid making your links look spammed.

4. Link Deep

There are two types of internal links that you should avoid building. The first is to build links to the homepages of your website. It already has many links pointing towards it.

5. Ensure that Links are Contextual

It is to offer a better user experience, Google prefers a website that strives to provide a good user experience. You are telling the user that the linked web pages will match the context of that particular content.

6. Use Relevant Links for Internal Linking

It is beneficial to provide a good user experience and increase your website ranking. You have to do it smartly and ensure that the webpage you link is related to the content of the web pages that you are linking them.

7. Be Reasonable with the Number of Internal Links Used

It also ensures that the links are spread evenly throughout the content and not clustered close to each other. It is no documented limit to the internal links you can build on your site.

8. Avoid creating Site-wide Footer Links

It is commonly used to practice for a few years ago, sot it has become obsolete now. Website in the travel and real estate domain is used to add internal links in the footer section of their website.

9. Prevent using Same Anchor Text for Two Different Pages

It confuses you when you use the same anchor text for two different web pages and may lead the search engine to conclude that the web pages contain information on the same topic

10. Put Links High Up on Your Page

It increases the time spent on the web page and reduces the bonus rate. People will have something to check out the right way if you added the internal links at the beginning of the articles.

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