Top SEO Trends to Rank Your Website in 2021


It is an important component of digital marketing that focuses on making your website search-friendly in order to improve its ranking in the organic search results. It is always considered the best practice, some SEO trends come and go.

Let’s look up at the top SEO trends from 2020 and considers which method will be continue to important for 2021.

1. Core Web Vitals Make Additional Ranking Signals and Page Experience



Core web vitals is the biggest ranking factor in 2021 trends to rank your website and Google is to enhance the user experience with every passing year. According to the update factors like:-

  • Page design
  • Page weight
  • Media inputs
  • Loading speeds
  • External embeds

For example, SEO service in Varanasi 2021 has tended to increase the availability of products and services and he is getting the highest rankings in 2021. So, he will be the core factor to vital things in your website.

2. Make it Mobile



It should be no surprise that one of the best ways to improve your content for SEO is to make it mobile-responsive. They immediately turn to their mobile devices for answers, when people want to look up quickly or buy something. It’s time to make some changes if your content doesn’t look as nice and user-friendly on mobile devices. It is one of the easiest ways to drive up your content’s traffic and engagement rates.

You will start to develop a mobile SEO strategy by making your content mobile-friendly. It can help to discover insights into even mobile-driven analysis. It will also help you determine what is important to your audience when they seek out information.

3. Increase Site Speed and Efficiency



Your SEO strategy is to increase your site’s speed and efficiency to optimize your user experience. The more business you lose because your site is too slow.

They are impatient and are often on a specific mission with potential site visitors who want information quickly and efficiently when browsing through a lot of content. As a way to improve SEO strategy, the fact is, users are most likely to engage with your site’s content when it is more easily available to them.

You can easily check your website speed to use the tools like Google’s Page Speed Insights and the ability to load content and find ways to improve its overall performance.

4. Coordinate with Voice Search SEO Trends



As we enter 2021 is voice search another trend that is on the rise in organic traffic. New innovation products including Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon Alexa have shown how voice search technology has evolved and continues to increase in importance for customers.

It’s to take a closer look at the language you are using. You think about what sounds the best when actually say it out loud.

5. Diversify Your Backlink Usage



It’s still an important part of optimizing SEO strategy from year to year while this piece of advice may not be new for 2021. It is a hyperlink to your page’s website so they are reading directly from their website. They add credibility to the content in a simple way. It equates backlink as an authoritative and credible source, it can help your website be more easily discoverable by Google.

Read this article: 10 Golden Rules of Internal Linking

6. Optimize Video Strategy



It has evolved in terms of its impact on content and SEO strategy in visual aspects. It continues to gain traction and relevance no matter what industry you get in. Video content creates may be something worth looking into for your brand’s content. You have created content that is striking with your brand values and make sure to optimize your video channel name and description. And it makes be sure that to provide an overview of what your channel is about that will resonate with the users.

7. Focus on Quality Over Quantity for Content



It is still one of the best ways to bring your eyes to your website since it creates that more opportunities for search crawlers to find your site. Quantity content pursues in two forms:

  1. The essential information optimizes that identifies your business performance. It’s answering the five W’s on your landing page, as well as on the “Services” and “about us” pages.
  2. It will create value-added content. Blogging is the way to create good content for your website. It tackles timely topics relevant to your industry in a well-written position post and appeal to your audience’s interests.

8. Artificial Intelligence Tools



Artificial Intelligence is the advent of a growing trend worth noting of the SEO. This is the underlying mechanism behind updates like BERT and leverage machine learning, but we’re more talking about how companies can leverage AI on their own terms to boost their SEO efforts. It offers a great way to manage and catalog data, reduce data errors and identify trends in their datasets for better SEO value.

9. Influencers SEO



Influencers SEO are the main trends in 2021 that ones with millions of followers and these followers may become your customers if you can get business in front of them. It can earn the trust of your potential audience over years and if they come forward to support your brand, the ROI can be enormous. You need to be a keep quiet on a specific site while choosing influencers to supplement your SEO strategy.

10. EAT and Branded SEO

It prefers content quality when it comes to rankings. The EAT principle are expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Brands are the future of SEO, it is shifting to branding and authority. The most authentic and popular your brand, the more and higher frequency you’ll rank on google. You should make efforts to give it a top priority in your 2021 SEO strategy. Build brand awareness is to increase brand search queries. They are a hidden ranking factor that will help you to rank higher and as a trusted brand on Google you establish it.


Basically, in this topic, you all know about how to trend the SEO strategy in 2021 and you know which relevant things or factors are used to increase your traffic on your website. It has been put at the end of the two main reasons i.e. firstly, you should at least learn about the top SEO trend that will last forever – “content is king” or secondly SEO experts spend a lot of their focus on other things. Keep this trend to continue driving relevant traffic to your website throughout this year and the year to come.

  1. Core web vitals
  2. Make it mobile
  3. Increase site speed and efficiency
  4. Coordinate with voice search trend
  5. Diversify your backlink usage
  6. Optimize your video strategy
  7. Focus on quality over quantity for content
  8. Artificial intelligence tools
  9. Influencers SEO
  10. EAT and Branded SEO

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