10 Types of SEO in Digital Marketing


Before we start with types of SEO let’s first understand what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of increasing the number of visitors on your site by ranking better on Google SERPs for relevant keywords or search phrases within your domain. Search engines have specific algorithms to scour your website for data so there are web crawlers that index your website and rank it according to the relevance from the search query. You can either learn how to optimize your site for these algorithms or employ a link-building agency to tackle your SEO goals.

If you want to find your business on top of Google search results then you need to know the different types of SEO. And as you learn more about SEO that you can form a concrete plan on how to outrank your business competition.

Different Types of SEO

Knowing the different types of SEO will help you decide which one to use and how to use them safely and when we say SEO that we are including more than just the traditional keyword research and optimization. It has to optimize your site that you will need to perform multiple types of SEO.

In this section, we will list and describe the many types of SEO and how they can help you gain more audience for your business. It can appear like an overwhelming amount of information and work to do but keep in mind that SEO services can do the work for you.

1. On-Page SEO



It has to ponder everything that you can find in the content on your website to be a part of your on-page SEO. This is often what you will edit for optimization so take a second glance at your website’s content. An effective on-page SEO reclines towards high-quality content and informative discussions. People are searching for answers and solutions to their questions or needs and your website should address their specific problems for your niche.

Remember that although search engines look at websites as a unit so they base how you rank by each page’s performance and your content needs to be worth reading to keep your visitors interested in your business. Here are some principles that you need to know to make your on-page SEO effective:-

Pages titles should be optimized

For people to click through your page title will need to be both arresting and interesting enough for them to take action and a page title is a crucial SEO (on-page) factor that you don’t desired to go against you. When people conduct an online search, the title and HTML will seem on the search results depending on your ranking so your title needs to convey enough information about your site for web crawlers to dictate what your site is all about.

Optimizing heading tags for search engines

Headers are important when creating content so they serve as markers to make it easier for readers and crawlers to navigate your page. Headers should convey what your content is all about and your web pages should have only one (H1) header per page. H1 tags usually have the same value as the page title and make your header interesting enough to grab your reader’s attention and informative enough to satisfy web crawling requirements.

Page Formatting

It is a good practice to optimize your page before making it live and a well-designed page will always be better than a dull-looking one. It has to improve on-page SEO that always format before publishing.  The style your page looks can affect your ranking in SERPs. For example, Google can mark your website as suspicious because of a high number of ads and pop-ups on your homepage then these things matter to web crawlers so do some formatting to a page before release.

Keyword Research and Optimization

Keyword research and optimization is one of the most important on-page SEO factors you should consider for your site and good content is something that your reader will appreciate and search engines will understand. And search engines will need keywords for that target your keywords depending on your niche and optimizing the keywords on your site increases the chances your site will seem when a potential visitor does an online search. If you have the organic search keywords included in your content but it is most likely that it will appear on Google or Yahoo.

2. OFF-Page SEO



This type of SEO (Off-page) is more concerned with the marketing aspect of promoting your site and off-page SEO differs from other types of SEO because it relies heavily on your link-building strategy. There are many benefits in link building that’s why it is often used in digital marketing.

Importance of a good link-building strategy

A good strategy thrives in the hyperlinks that you acquire from trusted websites and this hyperlink serves as a bridge for web crawlers to crawl between the two websites so it can help your users navigate through different pages in the same niche. You can also introduce impressive marketing campaigns with a good strategy. You can extend this strategy to content marketing and SEO marketing campaigns so this will improve your overall digital marketing strategy and the authority of your website on Google.

Benefits of a good quality backlink


Through a high-quality backlink so you can improve your SEO and improve your site’s authority on SERPs. This will improve your chances of getting referred to other websites through referrals so you can gain more authoritative backlinks from high-ranking websites.


“Google my business” is a great place to point out the best about your brand and a website with great branding will seem more trustworthy for web crawlers and visitors like resulting in a higher ranking on Google. The more you establish your brand, the more you will gain organic traffic and the more you gain organic traffic so the higher your ranking will be.

Establishing relationships

By exchanging URLs with other websites so you are also establishing relationships with businesses related to your niche and you can use these connections for future referrals. There are many benefits to reap if you will put out the effort to establish genuine relationships with other business owners.

3. Technical SEO



Technical SEO is another type of SEO that you can improve through technical know-how on your site so these improvements include having a more responsive design, fast loading time, and mobile responsiveness.

You can address each of these SEO factors through technical knowledge or skill and here are some technical SEO tips to aid you in improving your website:-

Include sitemaps and navigation

What good is your content if nobody can perceived it? You are employing SEO tactics to amplify your site’s visibility. Sitemaps and navigation widgets for your website will aid visitors navigate through your website and find your content with ease. Navigation tools will help you create an effective sitemap and this will also help web crawlers in indexing your website. HTML tags can be used to jump from one page to another and you can navigate through different pages on your website using different hyperlinks to your content.

Optimize for all types of devices

By optimizing your page content for all types of devices so you are making sure that visitors to your website can view your site on any device and enjoy an excellent user experience. This also will prevent slow loading speeds and page load errors and optimize your website for computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets and even smart speakers.

Make your URLs understandable

Web crawlers need a unique name for each unique content and this means that you have to think of a lot of names for your Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and also make certain that your URL is understandable for your visitors. For example, if you’re local business is focusing on selling women’s clothes online so you should use a URL that will help your visitors understand what page they are on.

4. Local SEO



While many businesses have shifted to an online store that some local storefront businesses are still open today. These businesses have deep roots in the local community and use local SEO to their advantage or local SEO optimizes a local business’s ability to bring customers through their front door and generate an income.

This types of SEO is a special kind of SEO because it requires more steps to accomplish but when put into practice so your business will have a niche made up of loyal customers and here are the few extra steps you need to consider when doing local SEO:-

  • Create a Google My Business account
  • Register your local business in online directories such as Yahoo Small Business, Four Square, Yelp and other trusted directories.
  • Use online directories or newspaper and partner with other local websites for more exposure.

5. White Hat SEO



It is also known as the “Good SEO”, white hat SEO techniques comply with search engine terms and conditions. These types of SEO techniques boost your website’s SERPs rankings and are healthy for your site. It is more important to know what methods are best to maintain your website’s integrity and authority as this is what will protect your website rankings on SERPs so these SEO best practices can boost your website’s presence “by the book”.

White hat SEO techniques

Quality content

When we talk about the best SEO methods that the first thing people mention is the need for high-quality content. It has to always remember that your content is not for web crawlers and your content is meant to capture your visitor’s attention and inform them about the topic. This will reward your website with a good ranking so it will also increase your website’s credibility and can open doors to collaborations. You can generate many opportunities when you start with high-quality content.

Content-relevant keywords

When writing your content so you will need to use certain keywords to increase your website ranking. However, you should only use keywords that are relevant to your content or your niche and stuffing your content with a nonsense keyword will get your website flagged by Google as spam.

Ease of navigation

If your website is easy to navigate so visitors can scan and read through your content with ease, finding the information and answers they seek. But if your visitors get lost inside your website so they will quickly leave and this will hurt your SEO. Search engines take user experience seriously and so should you although site navigation is also a fit under technical SEO but it is still considered a white hat SEO technique.

Fast Page Speed

Fast loading speed and responsiveness are requisite for your visitors to have a smooth flow when navigating your site. A slow and clunky web page can be the purpose your visitors won’t come back for a second look at your site. It has to be aware of the functions and features of your website that can slow download speed so large images, pop-ups and ads can slow loading speeds so be sure to optimize these to enhance loading time.

6. Black Hat SEO



If white hat SEO is the “good SEO,” black hat SEO is the counterpoint and these malicious SEO practices can gain you higher traffic and ranking on SERPs at the cost of your website’s integrity. These types of SEO practices try to outsmart search engines through loopholes in the system but are unsuccessful and can damage your credibility.

Black hat SEO techniques


The intent behind paid links is to raise a website’s rank and this technique is an outright purchase of a link without even attempting to make quality content in exchange for it. You simply pay to place the URL on a high-authority website and hope to reap the benefits but search engines flag this manipulation as a black hat SEO technique.

Keyword and Meta Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is purposely placing a keyword in your content to the point of saturation and even if it is out of context. This technique may have tricked search engines before but with the change in algorithms to tracking down these stuffed keywords has become much easier. Search engines authorities can also block your site or fine you for committing this black hat SEO technique.

7. Social Media SEO



Social media has become one of the most used platforms on the internet today and people all over the world are using their mobile phones now more than ever as a marketing manager using content marketing strategies on social media platforms can help boost your website’s popularity.

However social media presence does not directly affect your rankings and search engines cannot see links shared on Facebook or Twitter but these can help you boost your traffic. By gaining more traffic, more people will perceive your website and its contents. It will increase brand awareness and visibility by publishing creative, informative and inspiring content so you can improve your website’s performance and rank.

8. E-commerce SEO



The E-commerce business has grown so big that a lot of competition exists in the market and if you have an E-commerce store then your website will be that much harder to promote. E-commerce SEO differs from other types of SEO because aside from the on-page SEO and off-page SEO modifications so you also need to optimize all tags and every image included on every product page. You will need to believe of creative ways for people to share your product and provide positive reviews.

9. App Store SEO



Google Play Store and Apple App Store have search inputs if you are looking for a specific application and if your business has an app for mobile phones so your goal is to create it to the top of the search results. Just like on-page SEO so you need to make certain that your visitors will see your product when they search for it. Titles, tags, images and all other elements should be optimized and your product descriptions just like Meta descriptions should contain keywords necessary to guide people in finding your product page.

10. YouTube SEO



YouTube SEO has similarities with App Store SEO in terms of its target niche and these types of SEO focus on specific niches that have high amounts of organic traffic. YouTube SEO focuses on promoting your brand through YouTube mentions, comments and other white hat ways to gain organic traffic. Remember that YouTube is also a search engine and has tons of traffic and there are also keywords that people use when they look something up or all you need to do is to research the keywords relevant to your video and optimize your video title and description.


  • What are the types of SEO services?

The three kinds of SEO are on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and Technical SEO.

  • What are the different types of SEO content formats?

The most popular types of SEO content are Short-form content, Long-form content, Blog content, Pillar and Evergreen content, Holistic content, Content for Social channels, Data-led content, and Thought leadership.

  • How many types of SEO are there?

There are three types of SEO you need for a well-rounded organic search strategy such as on-page SEO, Technical SEO, and Off-page SEO by breaking down your strategy and thinking about SEO as these three categories so it will be much easier to organize and execute your optimization plans.


Successful strategies for boosting SEO include multiple types of SEO and it has to improve your rank on SERPs doing the first three types of SEO is a must and the other types of SEO are always obtainable whenever you need to complement your strategies. Just remember that the reason you are improving your website’s SEO is to improve the overall user experience and your site is designed for regular customers or not web crawlers so you can always hire SEO services to aid you in optimizing your site.

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